BoostMyBiz Inc.

BoostMyBiz is a Canadian website design and digital marketing agency incorporated in Calgary, Alberta. We have extensive corporate project management, application design, and development experience. In addition, we hold certifications in SEO, Copywriting, and Social Media Management. 

BoostMyBiz is a Google registered digital marketing agency on the Google Partner track and recognized as having completed 75% of the requirements of this industry coveted designation.  BoostMyBiz now meets the 1) Agency Structure; 2)  the spend requirement; and 3) most significantly the performance requirement  where Google has recognized us in building client revenue and agency growth.  

Our passion is helping small businesses grow through the application and integration of new technologies in web design, digital marketing, and analytics.   We analyze our client's competitive environment, identify target markets, and subsequently penetrate those markets with an effective digital marketing strategy implemented across the various search engines and social media platforms.  

BoostMyBiz measures the results and reports relevant analytics back to our clients to both build awareness and enhance their business decision making process.  

Within the past year the principles formed BoostMyBiz and are currently building out its portfolio of projects. We have a diverse client base incorporating automotive, image & leadership consulting, engineering, home & commercial security, and professional financial accounting corporations.  

BoostMyBiz has expertise and focus on the complete business cycle in helping our clients grow:

  1. Project Management
  2. Website Design & Construction;
  3. Infographics;
  4. Branding;
  5. Search Engine Optimization;
  6. Google Integration;
  7. Copywriting;
  8. Digital Marketing;
  9. Social Media Integration;
  10. Ranking and Growth;
  11. Competitor Digital Analysis;
  12. Growth Strategies;
  13. Measurement & Reporting;
  14. Client Feedback;
  15. Premium Web Hosting.

Stay tuned for the official portfolio release along with BoostMyBiz website in the first quarter of 2018.

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