Customer Review Management

The single most powerful way of marketing in this digital world is through customer reviews. Customer review management plays a huge role in boosting the sales of your business. At BoostMyBiz, we ensure you stay ahead in the competitive world by amplifying the voice of your customer through review management features

Review Management Feature

According to a recent study, it has been found that 92% of users buy products based on customer reviews. In order to, boost your sales and increase traffic it is vital to implement multi-channel review acquisition campaign via email, text, message, and print. Likewise, this process will help in increasing the authentic customer reviews. In addition to this, you can optimize the review volume on the industry-specific sites that are of your high interest. Coupled with this, you can also filter the reviews that can cause an impact on your brand reputation.

Additionally, through customer review management, we can send out alerts when your team gets a new review. You can even respond and manage the reviews and track the feedback on your issues. Furthermore, you can take report trends on your business as well as your client business. Most importantly, this will help you to keep your standards high.


Increasing Reviews

To increase the volume of customer reviews we adopt a simple strategy to proactively collect feedback from all your customers.

Recover Unhappy Customers

The most important review management feature is to reach unhappy customers and provide with the right solutions before they share their negative experience with the world.

Monitor Performance

Continuous monitoring of your business performance is important as it paves the way for continuous improvements and enhancements.

Amplify Happy Customers

We make the voice of the happy customer be heard. This review management feature will create a major impact in increasing a positive impact on your business growth.

Our team at BoostMyBiz can bring your business to limelight in this digital world. In general, we can manage your customer reviews while you can focus on running your business successfully. Our customer review management process is simple; we make it easier for your customers to leave a review for you through campaigns. Additionally, we do regular follow-ups with your customers for their real-time experience. Review management feature will help you understand your services better. Further, with the right insights, you can make improvements to the areas you lag and can shine bright.