Social Media Marketing & Advertising in Calgary

BoostMyBiz Social Media Marketing & Advertising in Calgary will help promote your business. Our content and design team help in generating engaging posts that bring traffic to your site. Thereby increasing visibility for the social media marketing business page. Further, our social media marketing plan for the business will be customized for your unique brand.

BoostMyBiz can define and employ Social Media Marketing & Advertising in Calgary to promote your business. Through consultation with our clients along with industry analysis, we create a custom Social Media plans designed to meet business requirements.

Our social media marketing plan promotes brand awareness, builds relationships, and drives traffic to your website. We build followers, fans, or connections by posting quality content of value that is well-received. In addition to this, we run contests, create videos, infographics, and engage with the audience to boost the followers.

Second, we gain customers for your social media marketing business through paid advertising. Using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Twitter accounts we can advertise about the products or services to a wider group of audience. This, in turn, will help to find the right client for your business.

Our Social Media Marketing Approach

Customized Plan

BoostMyBiz has tailor-made plans to boost your social media marketing business as per your goals and objectives

Community Management

A social media marketing plan for your business is to be a part of a community to engage with a wider audience.

Follower Growth

We monitor your follower growth in your social media marketing business. As it is one of the vital steps to check if we are on the right track.

Interactive Engagement

Engagement with customers becomes smooth through daily management. Indeed, we respond to messages, comments, and reviews at the earliest to increase the network.

Contest, Campaigns & Events

A winning social media marketing strategy for attracting new customers is through a contest. Additionally, we grow your network by using hashtags, following groups, and events.

Influencer Outreach

We focus on building healthy relationships with our customers, partners, and influencers in addition to promoting business.

Social media marketing Tools Proven to Generate Leads & Boost Sales

An important part of executing the plan is our emphasis on quality curations to effectively communicate your brand message and engage visitors.

For effective communication, we provide interesting information to the customers in the form of text, videos, and infographics. Also, in order to, gain customer trust our BoostMyBiz team manages your social networks on an everyday basis. For this purpose, our team is rightly trained to deliver outstanding quality.

In addition to the skills and expertise, BoostMyBiz uses the latest tools and platforms to ensure quality curation and delivery.

At BoostMyBiz, we use Hootsuite a ‘Social Media Management System’ or tool to manage multiple social network channels. Using Hootsuite dashboard makes it easier for us to monitor and post your business updates, and respond to messages instantly. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more can be monitored. In short, we can manage multiple networks in an effective way of using Hootsuite.

For creating top-notch videos, distributing and optimizing the videos we at BoostMyBiz use Magisto. Magisto is a smart online video editor and maker for engaging customers, generating leads, and building relationships. In fact, with Magisto as our video maker, we deliver outstanding videos in a short period of time.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

With our SEO and content services, you can rank better in search engines. Our goal is to increase your visibility by securing the best spot with good ranking. With a better ranking, you will be easy to locate which in turn will increase the sales and traffic of your web page. Therefore, we deliver high-quality keyword driven content which will help us to increase your reach. Our SEO services are affordable and deliver results at a competitive level.